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The “Spaccavino” lines crafted in the sides of the glass accelerate oxygenation. Simply pour, swirl, and enjoy.

The glasses have been tested by 3rd party laboratories and approved by master sommeliers.

Other aerating products, such as decanters and toppers, are tools for use in addition to the glass. While toppers act quickly, decanters require wait-time before enjoying the wine. Also, the full bottle is typically emptied into the decanter. Palavino glasses do not require an extra tool, do not require a wait-time, and the whole bottle does not have to be poured at once.

Palavino glasses are 100% Made in Italy by our eco-friendly partner, RCR.

Both! Palavino glasses are made for red, white, or rosé of any variety.

17.5 oz

Yes! Palavino Glasses are made from Luxion Crystal. They are eco-friendly and dishwasher safe.

Yes, we also offer a 6 pack. You can add additional glasses to any order in sets of 2. The more you order, the lower the cost per glass!

Of course! We are big fans of gifting and self-gifting. Palavino aerating wine glasses make a perfect present and our system makes it simple for you to order and ship as a gift.

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