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Within minutes of pouring, the fruit was lifted. The floras were lifted. The aromatics were lifted.

Evan Goldstein, Master Sommelier

Our Story

Palavino's passion began in Italy. This is where we discovered a simple, yet elegant aerating glass that transformed the wine tasting experience. Founder, Neal Glickfield, is a merchant who has traveled all over the world. His passion for enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences, finding unique goods, and making memories with his family brought him to Italy. While at an Italian winery, he discovered a simple, yet elegant aerating glass that transformed his wine tasting. This moment was so memorable he wanted to share this experience with the globe and decided to create Palavino.


High quality glass and unique design allows for aerating the wine while drinking the wine.

Jim G.

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Because 2020 isn’t like any other year, we’ve put together a Palavino guide to hosting! From Zoom tastings to tried and true hosting pointers, we’ve got tips and tricks for every kind of host.
Palavino aerating wine glasses with their “spaccavino” lines accelerate aeration,  but what is aeration, and does wine really breathe? In this post you'll learn everything you need to know!
Wine glasses are an important tool of the wine trade, and influence the tasting experience, so we asked ourselves where did the classic wine glass originate and how did it change from the metal and ceramic stemmed goblets of medieval times to the elegant clear glass stemware (or stemless ware) we have today?

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