Wines for Beginners

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Wines for Beginners

Wine is the magic that you can feel that touches your soul.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of making their first sip of wine. However, this process can be simplified into an easier journey when you know how to choose your bottle correctly and what flavors will work best for yourself as well! Wine is a wonderful addition to the world of fine dining. Learning how to choose wines that offer different flavors will help you fall in love with wine, participate more often and find your favorite type!

Wine is an essential part of life, and everyone has their own preferences. It doesn't matter what server at the vineyard tells you or your friends; if something tastes good then that's all that matters! Choose the wine that you find good because, in the end, every individual has a unique palate. To kickstart your wine journey, we have put together a list of a few wines that you must drink to figure out the wine you like the most.

2019 Willamette Valley Vineyard Whole Cluster Pinot Noir

When you are new to wines, it is best not use an overpowering wine. One of the most balanced and easygoing types for beginners would be Whole Cluster Pinot Noir because they do not have any heavy or light flavors unlike other wines in this category which can make things too overwhelming when tasting them for your first time out with different kinds! This particular wine is prepared using a wine technique called whole-cluster fermentation. In this technique, the grapes are not squashed before fermenting. This technique helps in making the red and purple juices fun and lively. The whole cluster pinot noir 2019 has 13.5% alcohol and originates in Oregon. It is best for beginners because they can taste cherry, dark chocolate, caramel, etc. You can get these for under $30 online.

whole cluster


True Myth Cabernet Sauvignon

For those who love full-bodied wines, the California Cabernet Sauvignon is a must try. This wine has 14.2% alcohol content and powerful fruit flavors that include blueberry, plum blackberry with hints of spice from its dry warm climate in the Paso Robles region where it's grown ideal for creating ripe user-friendly fruity reds or dessert cocktails! You can buy this from the store near you or order it online for under $25.

true myth


2019 Banfi Rosa Regale Brachetto

The Northern Italian Sparkler wine is a deliciously sweet, drinkable white that has the perfect level of alcohol for beginners. It’s made from grapes grown in an area with strong terroir—rich soil and warm temperatures which make this type of grape produce flavors akin to hazelnuts or vanilla beans without overwhelming your palate! The bottling process leaves no room at all; its elegant finish makes it easy drinking on its own but also complements any dessert like dark chocolate ganache (or anything else)!

Rosa Regale


2019 El Libre Malbec

The Argentinian Malbec is one of the most popular wines for beginners because it has a smooth and velvet-like texture. The wine has an ABV of 13% with notes similar to cabernet sauvignon but soft tannins, making it easy to drink on its own or paired up with food in order not compromise taste bud satisfaction! You can find El Libre which will give you great quality at an affordable price.

El Libre Malbec


2020 Pratsch Rose

Austria is a land of wine. The light-bodied drink has bright berry flavors with notes from black pepper which makes it perfect for pairing with food or sipping by itself at your next picnic! The vibrant acidity in this pink wine lifts the flavors of watermelon, raspberry, peach and strawberry. This wine is a perfect companion for picnics, pools and beach visits

Pratsch Rose


There is an entire world of flavors waiting to be explored in wine. It can take time for beginners like yourself, but don't worry! You might just love the taste; others may not at first either - they've gotta try new things too and eventually find their favorites. So go ahead with your curiosity piqued- explore this complex beverage that has so much more than just alcohol behind it.

A wine tasting experience is not complete without the right glass. You want to make sure that you use tasty, delicious glasses for yourself and your guests so they will enjoy drinking all of those wonderful wines! The Palavino glass offers people different shape options like slim-long stems or wide mouth bowls while enjoying their wine. Passionate about wine? Try pairing every sip with its perfect counterpart.

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