Ice Cream & Wine: The Palavino Date Night In

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Ice Cream & Wine: The Palavino Date Night In

We're not sure what kind of year 2021 is shaping up to be just yet, but it's pretty clear that this Valentine's Day is going to be celebrated at home, through zoom, or outdoors. First safety, then wine! That's our motto here at Palavino, as much as we love sharing a swirl and a toast!

As we get ready to give you all our Palavino tips and tricks for a date night in as we head toward Valentine's Day, we've partnered up with @baraaticecream, founded in Brooklyn and dedicated to creating the "scoop you want to marry!" Sounds perfect for Valentine's Day. Dessert chef and dessert lover Ruth Li has created a special date night flavor exclusively made for Palavino's Date Night In. 

Q. Ruth, tell us a little bit about your love of ice cream and your love of wine. 

Ice cream is one of the desserts that I wanted to jump into immediately because of how versatile it is to create flavors. There are endless possibilities I can make and explore. There's always room for innovation. Wine for me has to be paired with the right dish. I prefer reds. 

For the perfect date night in, tell us about the ice cream you've created for Palavino. 

For Valentine's Day, I've created "Love"- a meyer lemon zest marscapone base with red velvet cake layers with strawberry jam swirl topped with Valrhona chocolate. 

Red velvet is perhaps the cake that most symbolizes Valentine's Day and the marscapone base adds extra creamyness to the icecream. I love playing with different flavors and balancing sweet and tart components. 

What's your perfect date night meal, dessert, and drink?

One of the best date night meals I've had was going to Chipotle and then going to Junior's for their cheesecake and a cup of hot coffee on Flatbush right after. I've ended up chatting with my husband till 2am once on our casual dates (before the pandemic.)

Top three things you love most about your Palavino glass! 

The top three things, saves time on aerating my wine, it looks elegant, and makes for the perfect prop for photos. 

For this ice cream, we're recommending you pair a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir, Grenache, or Shiraz. If you happen to be local, make sure you DM (and follow!) Baraat Ice Cream and order up a pint or two! Cheers! #datenightin 

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