Your Palavino Guide to Hosting

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Your Palavino Guide to Hosting

Because 2020 isn’t like any other year, we’ve put together a Palavino guide to hosting! From Zoom tastings to tried and true hosting pointers, we’ve got tips and tricks for every kind of host.

#1 Prepping Makes Perfect

Have you noticed that cooking and setting the table somehow takes longer with a full house? Enter the French art of mise en place. Pre-chop, peel, boil, and lay out ingredients and bowls far ahead of show time to make cooking a breeze.     

#2 Ambiance Is Key

Nothing takes the energy out of a room like bad lighting and no music. Pick a pre-made playlist, let friends and family choose records to play, or add candles to create a comfortable mood.

#3 Play to Your Strengths

Play to your strengths. Trying a new, super ambitious recipe always sounds like a great idea, until it’s the day-of and things aren’t coming together as planned. Stick to tried and true recipes you can trust to save time, headaches, and let yourself better enjoy the day.

#4 Add a Little Greenery

Holiday flowers can go a long way to making your home more festive. You can also send guests home with bouquets at the end of the evening as gifts! 

#5 Welcome A Helping Hand

Welcome a helping hand. Just because you’re the host doesn’t mean you have to do it all! Friends and family will offer to bring something--let them! Maybe it’s dessert, an appetizer, or of course, a great bottle of wine. 

#6 Bring a Gift

If you’re not hosting this year and get to be a guest instead, be sure not to arrive empty handed! Sure, you can bring the usual bottle of wine, but why not give them a gift they can enjoy all year around: a set of Palavino glasses. Perfect for wine lovers.

#7 Digital Wine Tasting

Connecting with friends for a holiday drink in 2020 is… challenging to say the least. But a digital wine tasting, complete with Palavino glasses, is a great way to connect and enjoy the same glass of wine… from a distance of course.

#8 Assume The Party Is In the Kitchen

Assume the party is in the kitchen. It is a universal phenomenon that can’t be explained with science: no matter the size of the kitchen, the party always ends up there. One way to keep the party OUT of a small kitchen: put the wine literally anywhere else.

#9 Help Friends Mingle

As a host, keep your eye out for anyone who might not be a part of the conversation and help to bring them in. (This goes for Zoom parties as well!) In person, you can always introduce two friends by including something they have in common to talk about.

#10 Find Time to Breathe

Find Time to breathe. Experts recommend giving wine 25-30 minutes to “breathe” before serving. Or, you can aerate instantly with Palavino glasses with ridge lines that allow wine to breathe faster, and use the downtime to relax before guests arrive.

#11 Take the Party Outside

Take the party outside. Holiday hosting will look a bit different in 2020, and that includes setting. Instead of an indoor dinner with all of your friends, maybe it’s a distanced wine tasting in a backyard or a potluck at the park.

#12 Forget the Mess

Nothing interrupts Christmas dinner like cleaning up! Enjoy the moment, enjoy the day--the mess will be there later. May as well enjoy another glass of wine in your Palavino glass! 

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