The History of The Wine Glass

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The History of The Wine Glass

Wine glasses are an important tool of the wine trade, and influence the tasting experience, so we asked ourselves where did the classic wine glass originate and how did it change from the metal and ceramic stemmed goblets of medieval times to the elegant clear glass stemware (or stemless ware) we have today? While the history is long, here are 5 interesting facts about the evolution of the wine glass.

    1. Early wine glasses were small, holding only a few ounces.

    2. Although people had likely been drinking wine out of glass long before, it is widely believed that Venice, Italy, once the glassblowing capital of the world, made the first glassware most similar to what we have today around the year 1400.

    3. Glass producers in Venice discovered how to create clear glass vessels, and that made glassware coming from Venice highly sought-after.

    4. Wine glasses for much of history were ornate, with a variety of decorative elements. The stems, believed to have originated in the church, were also fashioned with knobs, bumps and bends called knops. Stem height increased gradually as well for both stylistic and practical purposes.

    5. In the 1950s, wine glasses were introduced that were simple, plain and elegant with thinner stems.

    As we know at Palavino, wine glasses continue to evolve, with varietal-specific shapes, stemless glassware, unbreakable stemware, chilling glassware and of course, aerating glassware!

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